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Family Coaching Community Presentations & CEU Advance Care Planning Business Consulting

Do you know a family with dementia who is confused and overwhelmed?

Do you need more information and help to make decisions for your loved one?

Family Coaching Services:

Reduce the Sense of Chaos throughout Senior Transitions
Learn to be an advocate for the Person with Alzheimer's through the end of their life
Maintain Positive Family Relationships

All services include frank conversation and dementia education to guide families in decisions and assist in care management
for the person with dementia, to:
  • Provide best quality of life for everyone
  • Use resources efficiently
  • Maintain family relationships & lifestyles
    Family Dementia Consult & Follow-Up
  • Initial meeting with primary caregiver & others in circle of care to assess current situation & needs, set goals, prioritize tasks, and access appropriate resources; 90 minutes
  • Summary of discussion with suggestions & resource information
  • Follow-up meeting to evaluate feedback & offer additional suggestions & resources; 60 minutes
    Family Dementia Maintenance (yearly package available)
  • Meeting with primary caregiver & others in circle of care for ongoing consult to assess current situation, reevaluate goals & needs, and access appropriate resources; 90 minutes
  • Phone contact between meetings with those in circle of care; up to 2 hours
    Advance Care Planning Session for Person with Dementia
  • Personal session to discuss advance care planning for the person with dementia. The goal is to detail the understanding of the individual's wishes for care at end-of-life; 90 minutes
  • Involvement of person with dementia, appropriate for their stage of disease
  • Discussion of current health status, future medical treatment choices, and end-of-life planning

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