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Do you know a family with dementia who is confused & overwhelmed?

Does your organization need more understanding about dementia to serve your clients?

Who would make medical decisions if you or one of your loved ones was incapacitated?

Our services were developed to address these concerns!

We provide Alzheimer's & dementia education and family coaching to facilitate quality of life for the individual and well-being for the family. Our work with families is geared toward helping them provide the best care for their loved one with dementia while maintaining their relationships and lifestyle in a positive way.

Presentations are available on a variety of topics to educate and raise understanding about dementia at all levels in the community. Education about dementia is enhanced with personal experiences to engage the audience. Information and tools are provided to help improve interactions with individuals with dementia and enable communities to cope better through the progression.

Advance Care Planning services and education are available for all individuals and for those specifically dealing with progressive dementia. Sessions are available for individuals to complete a Health Care Directive and for families to get help in following through with their loved one's wishes. Expanding the dialogue about end-of-life and improving the experience for the family is the goal of our services.

Our mission is to...
  • Facilitate the best quality of life for the person with dementia and a positive, meaningful journey for their family
  • Increase knowledge and understanding about dementia & Alzheimer's at all levels in the community
  • Enable conversations and document preferences about end-of-life to improve the experience

Facilitate Quality of Life for Your Loved One, Your Family, and Your Community

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