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Does your organization need more understanding about dementia to serve your clients?

Do you want to be more supportive of Families with Dementia in your community?

Community Presentations:

Learn More, Understand Better

Presentations deliver education and information about dementia & Alzheimer's to increase understanding and enable a more positive approach to dealing with it in the community. Examples from personal experiences help engage the audience and suggestions for coping are given. All presentations offer information to:
  • Provide education and understanding about dementia & Alzheimer's
  • Reduce the stigma around dementia & Alzheimer's in our community
  • Encourage interaction with individuals with dementia and support to their families
Titles and Topics of Presentations Available Include:
- The Alzheimer's Experience: A Family Story
- Introduction to Dementia and Alzheimer's Disease
- Accepting and Loving the Person with Dementia & their Family
- Communication and the Person with Alzheimer's & Dementia
- Activities and the Person with Dementia
- Coping with Unexpected Behaviors Due to Dementia
- Relationship and Role Changes Due to Alzheimer's & Dementia
- Holiday Traditions and Families with Dementia & Alzheimer's
- Transition to Residential Care: Navigating a Move & Tips for Successful Placement
- Residential Care: Expectations & Relationships
- Safety with Alzheimer's & Dementia
- Being an Advocate for the Person with Dementia & Alzheimer's

CEU Programs for Professionals:

Improve Interactions between your staff and the Person with Dementia

All continuing education programs provide a summary, stated objectives detailing information offered in the presentation, and a certificate of completion for attendees. All presentations offer information to:
  • Provide appropriate education about dementia & Alzheimer's
  • Increase awareness and understanding about the effects of dementia on the individual and the family
  • Encourage more interaction with individuals with dementia and support to their families
Valerie J. Richards, MBA
Alzheimer's Educator & Family Coach

Sample of CEU Programs:
Understanding Dementia & Alzheimer's Disease: Provide Quality Care & Better Serve Families
Understanding Dementia & Alzheimer's Disease: Introduction & Planning for the Progression
Living with Dementia & Alzheimer's Disease: Coping as a Caregiver and a Community

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